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Achroma Organised Play



Hi Folks

Gary here, I thought we could have a little conversation about Achroma Organised Play.

What is Organised Play? 

With the focus on Achroma, Organised Play will aim to allow local games stores to organise and run Achroma events. We understand it’s frustrating that most of our events run out of Five Realms in Poole, but as we consist of a small team, it’s just a reality we currently face. 

Organised Play will allow your local game store to purchase a product that consists of 4x Achroma Event Kits. Each kit will be made up of 1x winner card, 8x participation cards and some volunteer cards. What this means is a store can run a full month of events with one purchase or use 2 of the kits at once to run a bigger event, or even all 4! 

 Who gets which cards at an event?

Well let's start with the easiest one, the winner card will go to the person who wins the event. Participation cards will go to every person who played in and completed the event. The volunteer card has a bit more loose definition (on purpose). The store owner could award this to someone who didn’t play but judged the event, the person who organised it, or helps run the local Achroma community. It’s a thank you for being such an amazing fan of the game that you want more people to enjoy it and you've gone out your way to do that!

Who will set the price for an Achroma event?

This will be completely up to the person organising the event.

Will there be Organised Play only cards you can only get if you play an event?

No not at all, cards selected to join Organised Play will be current cards that will be identical other than the finish the cards receive (e.g. full art, foil etc).

Will GTs receive their own kit? 

That’s a very exciting yes! We really wanted to focus on making GTs something extra special compared to a standard event (which is already pretty special). Whether this is a special GT stamp or an exclusive foiling, we haven't decided yet. 

Will GTs only be based in Poole?

Absolutely not, we want stores to be able to hold these events as well, but to gain access to the kit, stores will have to have been logging weekly results for some time before. This is just so we can see what areas of the country (or the world) are home to Achroma fans.  

Have you got any finished Organised Play cards yet? 

We don’t have any final products to show you but we can show you a few examples we have been sent from our printers. Please note the card rules and images do not line up with actual Achroma card products.     

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