Achroma Legends

Forge your Legend

The tapestry of The Five Realms stretches before you, vibrant with possibility. Achroma Legends, a captivating tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG), invites you to weave your own tale within this extraordinary world.

Gather your fellow Realm Runners: Assemble your friends and family, unleash your creativity, and forge unforgettable characters. Step into the shoes of valiant heroes, cunning rogues, or powerful magic wielders, each destined to leave their mark on the Five Realms.

Embrace the Storyteller's guidance: The Realm Master guides your journey, crafting immersive narratives and presenting thrilling challenges. Unlike traditional TTRPGs, Achroma Legends seamlessly blends storytelling with your existing Achroma card collection.

Unleash the power of your cards: Your prized Achroma cards become more than mere game pieces – they transform into the tools that shape your character's actions. Use supporting Characters to fight alongside you, venture into perilous Locations, equip yourself with potent Objects, and unleash devastating Actions to overcome obstacles and vanquish foes.

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