Alt-Art means ‘Alternative Art’. This is where games take/make alternate versions of original artwork for their product, and re-print them as a copy of the original product, but with the new artwork. This is a great way of giving a fresh feeling to previous cards, they make great collectables and also can be a window into lore.


As a stretch goal reward in our recent Kickstarter, we announced we would design and print 48 alt-art versions of some of our Chapter 1 Achroma cards. We have decided that these 48 alt-arts are going to be taken/designed from 3 main sources: Concept artwork from our artist Matt Vince, cinematic designs based on our cinematic trailer designed by Feral Child and finally designs submitted by our community.


To start with, the alt-art cards are being sent out to those that backed the kickstarter.
If you pledged at the ‘Rise of the Realm Runner full Expansion’ tier (£148) or higher, you will be sent 1 copy of each of the 48 alt-art cards
If you pledged at the ‘Achroma palette’ tier (£20) or higher (But below the ‘Rise of the realm Runner’ £148 tier), you will be sent 4 alt-art cards PER Achroma palette you ordered. The alt-arts you get will be the ones for the faction you select (If your product didn’t contain a Palette, like the TTRPG, the 4 cards will be random).
If you pledged at the ‘Add-ons only’ tier (£1), you will not receive any alt-art cards.
The alt-art cards are not Kickstarter exclusive meaning that if you did not pledge to the Kickstarter, or didn’t pledge high enough to get them all, you will not miss out. The alt-art cards will be available in the future to everyone. However whilst we do not know exactly what format we will make them available yet, it is likely that they will be mixed in with packs of other cards, and not sold individually. When we know more on this, we will update the community.


Over the last few weeks we ran a giveaway in our Discord community (, where people could submit their alt-art drawings of their favourite Characters, Objects or Actions. The winners (the ones we liked the most, not necessarily the best drawn) would have their cards ‘upscaled’ by one of our talented artists and printed out with the other alt-art cards. We had so many amazing entries, so thank you to everyone that did. We would have loved to chosen them all, but we had limited spaces to fill and also had to try and make sure we had an even spread of alt-art cards among the 12 factions. With that in mind, congrats to the 10 winners: JakeyB / CodexJinora / David King / Carryonmywaywardnun / Amynta / Elena / Marco / Frankie / Troy / Viridian Here are the winning entries, keeping in mind these will be ‘upscaled’ before being printed and sent out.
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