Achroma Update: May 2024

Achroma Update: May 2024

Hi Everyone.

We’d like to take the time to give an update on certain elements of the business and where we are at release wise.

Website: We hope you are all enjoying the new revamped website. Improvements will be ongoing, we will be adding extra functions to the card DB for example. A massive thank you to Tom who undertook this beast of a task.

Achroma 2.0: You may now have noticed that we have updated the Achroma ruleset which can be found here. It was a long process but we are very proud of this update and have had a ton of positive feedback. There will no doubt be a few teething issues with the release so we will make regular updates to the document and web page for a few weeks and then update it for each set release. Ethan, Troy and the playtesters worked very hard on this and I think they deserve a big pat on the back for the effort needed. 

App: We know it’s getting frustrating that our response is always “the updates are coming soon”, but we are working closely with our new developers who I’m sure will be able deliver the app in a way we are all happy with. These updates will begin in earnest from July. 

Legends: We are really excited about the progress we’ve made so far with the updated version of Legends. We have looked at every aspect of the current version and are striving to update the rules to give players the most narrative focused adventure you can have. We have had to take a brief pause while Achroma 2.0 and the website needed our full attention. The next update will include a new introductory adventure set in the dark and twisting lanes of Ludlum City.        

Norso Chapter 2: Work is continuing with Norso chapter 2 and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic release. We have had the first set of artwork back from Marco and we can’t wait to start the sneak peaks of the set and we are going to make a concerted effort to combine forces with our content creators for a more bespoke card reveal experience.    

Organised Play: Yes you read it right! With the printing of Norso chapter 2, we will be adding on a set of Organised Play cards! If you haven’t experienced it before, Organised Play is a way to get your FLGS the help they need to promote and run Achroma events. Our version will include participation cards, winner cards and cards to give community members who have helped implement and or run Achroma events at your FLGS. This is a sample from our printers, and not a final version of The Veil Chaser OP card (as you may spot there are a lot of wrong rules on there) but is a good example of what it may look like from an aesthetic point of view.

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