Global Achrometer

The Five Realms are ever evolving. The way you play and the decisions you make in games of Achroma forever shape the future of these fantastical worlds, and therefore future Achroma games, stories and releases too.

Each Achroma release is based around a single story set in part of one realm called a Chronicle. How that Chronicle ends, and how others begin, is up to you. When you play using the Achroma app in a connected session, your Chroma wins (winning by getting to 30 Shards) and Achrom wins (winning by Draining another player to zero Shards) influence an alignment meter called an Achrometer. You can view your personal Achrometer in your Achroma app account profile.

But your wins also affect the Global Achrometer. This Global Achrometer tallies up the victories of every Achroma player around the world. It’s an at-a-glance indication of which side is winning the battle between Chroma and Achrom.

During each Achroma season, the Global Achrometer is used to inform us how the story of one Chronicle ends, impacting the lore and narrative of The Five Realms, and steering future releases.

Come back soon when we launch our next season.