Unfolding the sagas of The Five Realms: Achroma Chronicles

The Five Realms - a tapestry woven with myth, magic, and endless conflict. It's here that the grand narratives of Achroma unfold, each chronicled in a captivating tale called a Chronicle.

Journeying through a Chronicle takes you to a new realm and era, immersing you in its unique lore. These chapters unveil:

  • A captivating narrative setting: Delving into a distinct location within The Five Realms, revealing a vivid picture of its wonders and woes.
  • A wealth of Achroma cards: A fresh arsenal of 60 cards, each imbued with the essence of the chosen realm.
  • Keywords that unlock new strategies: Master these thematic keywords to weave potent combos and outmaneuver your foes.
  • Legends whispered on the wind: Unearth the rich lore of The Five Realms through captivating short stories.
  • A companion app brimming with secrets: Delve deeper to enhance your Chronicle experience.