Life is tough and resources scarce in the underealm. A ceiling of rock replaces the sky. Giant creatures lurk in the icy caves and underseas below.

In Wishwell Quarry; long-tailed Hulder Trolls of the Lacringi tribe scale the rock faces to mine orium from the underealm ceiling. Meanwhile, larger Samr Trolls of the Brisgavi tribe hunt in and around Wishwell Lake.

Ever since the waterfall that cascades into the lake started to run black, the Brisgavi have become more aggressive than usual and raid their neighbours, the Lacringi. Tribal tensions complicate an already-hard life when both tribes must share a stall in Norso Market if they are to survive.

As the two tribes battle, bicker and call on their deities for help, they risk angering the god of all trolls – the mighty Torstein.

The Cards

Descend into the subterranean realm of Norso Planum, where two troll tribes, the Lacringi Shield Maidens and the Brisgavi Raiders, clash over control of Wishwell Quarry. But a greater threat looms, forcing these sworn enemies to work together to secure a vital stall in the bustling Norso Market.

Command 60 new Achroma cards and guide the troll tribes as they navigate a complex web of alliances, rivalries, and the harsh realities of survival.

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  • Lacringi Shield Maidens

    Being Hulder Trolls, the Lacringi are slender, fast-moving and fiercely strong. They balance beautifully with the aid of their long whipping tails, making them natural climbers. It’s a combination of this ability to climb and the village’s location that has led the Lacringi to mine the rare ore, Orium, from the underealm ceiling above.

    The formidable shield maidens of the Lacringi tribe are masters of defence and protect the tribe’s shores from raids.

    SHIELD WALL increases the Strength of all Characters on your Canvas when they’re defending equal to the total SHIELD WALL count on your Canvas. Keep in mind, SHIELD WALL only increases Strength, not Shard Value.

  • Brisgavi Raiders

    The Brisgavi hunt in and around Wishwell Lake. Their prowess with a spear is second to none, their hunters often besting the mightiest of creatures. For the Brisgavi, their strength and aggression are their most significant assets. Ever since Wishwell Lake started to run black with Achrom, they’ve felt stronger and angrier than ever. Led by their Chieftain, Snorre, the Brisgavi have realised they deserve more than they currently possess.

    Achrom is corrupting Wishwell Lake and the Brisgavi that fish there, resulting in increased aggression.

    RAGE is an attack ability that allows Characters to furiously lash out multiple times each turn. A Character can RAGE once for each instance of the keyword affecting them. Bear in mind, Characters with RAGE receive Shard damage as normal.

  • Norso Market Traders

    Norso Market is a bustling hub central to the lives of trolls far and wide. The market stretches out below a gigantic totem dedicated to Torstein. Trolls travel from every region to sell, trade, and take home what’s needed for their tribes. Life in the market doesn’t always run smoothly. There are thefts, fights, and grudges that are kept from previous encounters. It’s a vibrant place to deal in for sure, but not every deal is a good one and not every trader has good intentions.

    Tensions ride high between the residents of Wishwell, but they still have to share a market stall at the bustling Norso Market.

    Many abilities exclusive to the Norso Market Traders grant perks when players TRADE. Combining and chaining these abilities can lead to some powerful results.

  • Chieftain Snorre of Brisgavi
  • Chieftess Astrid of Lacringi
  • Solveig
  • Torstein the Mighty
  • Gisle
  • Norso Totem
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