Fan-made Content Policy

Achroma has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its unique blend of strategy, beautiful art, and evolving gameplay. As the game's community continues to grow, many fans have discovered the joy of creating custom Achroma content. Whether in the form of fan-art, fan-made cards, YouTube videos, live streams, articles and much more, this article delves into the policy that must be followed if you intend to create Achroma content. Offering guidelines and suggestions for players looking to unleash their creativity while respecting the game's intellectual property.

Policy Overview

Realm Runner Studios Ltd fundamentally encourages creativity from the community. We love nothing more than seeing the community’s fan-made content. However, it is essential to follow specific guidelines to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players and to respect the intellectual property rights of the game and universe.

Guidelines for Creating Content Online:

  1. Achroma online content: Defined as any fan content that contains images, videos, text or any other form of media that has come from an official Achroma source (our website, socials and products) that is uploaded or posted to any publicly accessible platform; this includes, but is not limited to: live streams, YouTube videos, written articles, podcasts, social media posts; is permitted by Realm Runner Studios Ltd, provided the proceeding guidelines are met.
  2. Use of any Official Achroma artwork or images: For the use of creating Achroma online content, all official artwork that is publicly accessible from any of our platforms may be used in your Achroma online content, provided that the artwork/images are not changed, modified or defaced in any way that would negatively impact the image of Achroma. If in doubt, speak to an Achroma team member first.

Guidelines if creating Custom Achroma Cards:

  1. Proxies for personal use: For the best Achroma experience, the creation of any proxies (fan-made counterfeits) are not recommended or endorsed by Realm Runner Studios Ltd. However, fans may create proxies of cards for personal use in testing. For example, proxying a card that has been revealed but not yet created, giving you the chance to practice with a card prior to release. However, the production or sharing of any 'copies' of cards, whether the original art or custom, is strictly prohibited, even if no monetary transaction is involved. Any proxies created, even for personal use, will not be legal in any official Achroma events.
  2. Fan-made original cards: Fans are welcome to create their own original Achroma cards, featuring original artwork, abilities and effects. These must be different* from any official Achroma cards. These original cards may be shared to friends for personal use in private games or Achroma community spaces (such as Discord), however it is still strictly prohibited to sell any original cards that resemble an official Achroma product. Any original cards created, even for personal use, will not be legal in any official Achroma events. Also, any use of fan-made original cards must be played with the ‘Ranked’ mode off (an offline game) in the Achroma app. This is so that fan-made cards do not affect the global Achrometer results.
  3. Artwork and intellectual property: When designing any form of custom cards, ensure you use original artwork created by yourself or ensure that you have the appropriate rights and permissions for any images you use. Respect the copyrights and trademarks of Realm Runner Studios Ltd and other artists. Avoid using images or elements that infringe upon others' intellectual property rights

Guidelines for use of Tabletop simulator:

We do not recommend or endorse any players using Tabletop simulator as a way to play Achroma. However for those that choose to take the time to upload files and create it, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Palettes/cards used: Please refrain from playing any ranked (online) games using any cards on Tabletop simulator that you do not own physically.
  2. Sharing: The sharing of any Tabletop Sim files to give access to other players to use Achroma in Tabletop simulator is strictly prohibited.


Creating your own Achroma content can be an exciting and rewarding way to express your creativity and enhance the game experience while respecting the policies set forth by Realm Runner Studios Ltd. By adhering to the guidelines and respecting intellectual property rights, you can design engaging content that brings a unique flair to the community. Remember to share your creations responsibly, fostering a thriving and collaborative Achroma community.

*Using the format of Achroma cards (how the card is framed and laid out) is allowed, and placing a custom card in a current realm (e.g. Salum Planum) is fine. However names, artwork, abilities and lore must not be copied from any official cards).