In the wizarding realm of Salum Planum, the fight is far from over. Achrom’s corruption is spreading, reaching even the most rural places. In Curdle Cove, the once-gentle tides are turning.

In the village of Luxmorn, hysteria over missing people, and sightings of strange creatures in and around Moonveil Bay, have caused Lord Willard to reach out to the Magus Elite for help.

Empowered by Achrom, the people and creatures of the sea are no longer content in their watery dwellings. Wanting more and fearing less, they are maddened by their ill-gotten powers.

Captain Cassius and the crew of The Veil Chaser have anchored in Curdle Cove to aid the good people of Luxmorn…

…Or have they?

The Cards

The idyllic shores of Salum Planum are no longer safe. Achrom's taint stretches its tendrils, corrupting even the most remote corners. In the coastal village of Curdle Cove, the gentle tides churn with unsettling magic.

Unleash 60 new Achroma cards and stand alongside the valiant Freefolk of Luxmorn as they confront the enigmatic Moonveil Sirens and the daring Veil Chaser Voyagers in a desperate struggle to restore balance.

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  • Captain Cassius
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  • Eldoris of Culuda
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