The war in Spirata has taken a turn as the Fairies continue to push back against the Pixies. With both sides scrambling for a way to win, they resort to unlocking deep secrets...

Dr Cornelius Hue returns to his secret lab experiments, assisted by Coffey, in a desperate act to win the war. The pair believe these experiments have led to a breakthrough in the research of Chroma, allowing Pixies to be transformed back into the Fairies they once were.

Meanwhile King Craven Traitorious takes to his secret lair, passing his technological advancements to Morag who works tirelessly to conjure up a new, more powerful Pixie that is now capable of what they were once missing... flight!

While the war wages on and secrets unravel, neither side notices the side effects of their experiments as a new power arises in the Spirata Scrapyard, consuming anything in it’s path.

The Cards

Spirata's Secrets have finally been unleashed! The ripple effect from these revelations will bring the Spirata Planum to the brink.

Unleash 60 new Achroma cards and join the fight with the Fairies and The Genesis of Creation as they continue to battle the Pixies with the dawn of the The Mechanical Revolution. Meanwhile The Forgotten are unleashed...

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  • Nella, the First Cured Pixie
  • The Fallen
  • Sorrono, the First Mechanical Pixie
  • Coffey, Lab Assistant
  • Morag
  • Spirata Scrapyard
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