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Journey to The Five Realms. Choose a side, and then a landscape to battle upon - the digital and physical worlds are at your command as you explore new ways to play. 

Gain, drain or steal Chroma shards as you adventure through in-person and online encounters, meeting breathtaking characters, creatures of lore, and locations beyond your wildest dreams.

Welcome to your story.

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Achroma Cards

Revealing the treasure of The Five Realms: Achroma Cards

Have you ever glimpsed a shimmering Shard pulsing with untapped power? Within the fabled Five Realms, heroes and legends leave their mark on exquisitely crafted Achroma cards. Each card whispers tales of valiant warriors, forgotten locations teeming with magic, and powerful artifacts coveted by gods and mortals alike.

Over 500 unique cards await your discovery, each meticulously illustrated to capture the essence of The Five Realms. Every three moons, a new release brings forth a fresh chapter, introducing 60 cards bathed in four rarities:

  • Legendary: These treasures hold the power to rewrite destiny.
  • Rare: Imbued with potent magic, these unlock strategies of unmatched power.
  • Uncommon: Workhorses of the battlefield, these cards form the backbone of any formidable deck.
  • Common: The cornerstone of every collection, these offer endless possibilities.

But these treasures hold a deeper purpose than simple acquisition. Achroma cards are not merely for collecting or trade, for they are the very tools that shape the fate of The Five Realms. Wield them in the fast-paced card game, Achroma, and orchestrate epic battles. Unleash their power in Achroma Legends, the thrilling tabletop RPG.

Each card bears a Metacode, a sigil of magic that binds it to your Achroma account through the companion app. This allows you to track your collection, forge alliances with fellow Realm Runners, and unlock hidden depths within each card's lore

Step into the Five Realms. What treasures await your discovery?

Achroma Releases

Unfolding the sagas of The Five Realms: Achroma Chronicles

The Five Realms - a tapestry woven with myth, magic, and endless conflict. It's here that the grand narratives of Achroma unfold, each chronicled in a captivating tale called a Chronicle.

Journeying through a Chronicle takes you to a new realm and era, immersing you in its unique lore. These chapters unveil:

  • A captivating narrative setting: Delving into a distinct location within The Five Realms, revealing a vivid picture of its wonders and woes.
  • A wealth of Achroma cards: A fresh arsenal of 60 cards, each imbued with the essence of the chosen realm.
  • Keywords that unlock new strategies: Master these thematic keywords to weave potent combos and outmaneuver your foes.
  • Legends whispered on the wind: Unearth the rich lore of The Five Realms through captivating short stories.
  • A companion app brimming with secrets: Delve deeper to enhance your Chronicle experience.

The Grand Tapestry: A Glimpse into Chapter One

The epic of Achroma unfolds across Chapters, each encompassing a collection of Chronicles. Chapter One lays the groundwork with four enthralling tales:

Chapter 2 Chronicles Arise

The aether crackles with anticipation as whispers of new Chronicles reach your ears. The sagas of Achroma continue to unfold, each chapter weaving a tapestry of conflict, courage, and wonder. 

One Collection, Worlds of Adventure

The Five Realms thrum with boundless potential. Achroma transcends the boundaries of a single game, beckoning you to explore its depths through a multitude of immersive experiences. 

The beauty lies in the unity: Your cherished Achroma card collection serves as a single, invaluable resource. The very same cards that fuel your strategic prowess in the Achroma card game unlock exciting possibilities in other formats:

  • Tabletop Roleplaying Games (RPGs): Embark on epic quests and forge your own legend in the rich tapestry of the Five Realms. Achroma cards become the tools that shape your character's journey.
  • Classic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: Navigate thrilling branching narratives, each decision propelling you deeper into the world of Achroma. Your card collection becomes a key that unlocks hidden paths and unveils captivating secrets.

One Collection, Many Ways to Play: Whether you crave the strategic thrill of card battles, a family game for all to enjoy, the collaborative freedom of RPGs, or the excitement of shaping your own story, Achroma offers a gateway for every adventurer.

Play Achroma Canvas or Heroes

Unleash Your Might with Achroma Canvas and Achroma Heroes

Which adventure will you choose to test your strategic prowess and unleash the power of your card collection: Achroma Canvas or Achroma Heroes.

Easy to learn, fun to master: Both formats welcome players of all skill levels, with intuitive mechanics that quickly lead to captivating battles. Gather your friends or family (from 2 to 6), choose your format, and prepare for glory.

Forge Your Palette: Each player wields a Palette, a deck of 30 Achroma cards (40 for Achroma Heroes). Start your journey with a pre-constructed Palette from an Achroma box, or unleash your creativity by crafting your own from your existing collection.

Command the Five Realms: Throughout the game, you'll utilise Shards, the very lifeblood of Achroma, to fuel your strategies. Deploy courageous Characters to clash with your foes, equip them with potent Objects, harness the power of magical Locations, and unleash devastating Actions. Each action you orchestrate grants you the opportunity to Gain, Drain, or Steal Shards, tipping the scales of victory in your favor.

Dominate the Battlefield: Glory awaits the victor! The first player to amass 30 Shards in their bank claims ultimate triumph. Alternatively, crush your opponents by reducing their Shards to zero, leaving them powerless to resist your might.

Ready to answer the call?:

  • Master the intricacies of the game with our comprehensive free online rulebook.
  • Witness the strategies unfold in our engaging tutorial videos.
  • Enhance your gameplay experience with the free Achroma app on iOS and Android, offering in-game assistance and a wealth of resources.

Play Achroma Legends

Forge your Legend

The tapestry of The Five Realms stretches before you, vibrant with possibility. Achroma Legends, a captivating tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG), invites you to weave your own tale within this extraordinary world.

Gather your fellow Realm Runners: Assemble your friends and family, unleash your creativity, and forge unforgettable characters. Step into the shoes of valiant heroes, cunning rogues, or powerful magic wielders, each destined to leave their mark on the Five Realms.

Embrace the Storyteller's guidance: The Realm Master guides your journey, crafting immersive narratives and presenting thrilling challenges. Unlike traditional TTRPGs, Achroma Legends seamlessly blends storytelling with your existing Achroma card collection.

Unleash the power of your cards: Your prized Achroma cards become more than mere game pieces – they transform into the tools that shape your character's actions. Use supporting Characters to fight alongside you, venture into perilous Locations, equip yourself with potent Objects, and unleash devastating Actions to overcome obstacles and vanquish foes.

A world of information at your fingertips: Never feel lost on your adventures. By purchasing and scanning your Achroma Legends unlock code, you gain access to the comprehensive Achroma Legends Wiki. This invaluable resource, along with the revolutionary Achroma Legends Companion App (available on iOS and Android), equips you with everything you need to embark on an epic saga.

The Achroma App: Your Digital Companion

Free and available on iOS and Android, the Achroma app is your one-stop shop for an enhanced gaming experience:

  • Interactive Shard Bank Counter: Manage your life energy with ease and style.
  • Multiplayer Hub: Find or host local Achroma game sessions, fostering an atmosphere of friendly competition.
  • Gameplay at Your Fingertips: Access the latest game rules and convenient turn summaries, ensuring smooth gameplay flow.
  • Digital Collection Management: Add your Achroma cards to your account, keeping track of your ever-evolving arsenal.
  • Rewards and Achievements: Unlock exciting rewards and achievements as you delve deeper into Achroma.
  • The Achrometer: Unveiling the secrets of the Achrometer, a tool influencing the future of the Five Realms.
  • Choose-Your-Own-Adventure: Experience the Five Realms in an entirely new light with this interactive narrative mode.

Download the Achroma app today (iOS [link to app store] / Google Play [link to google play]) and unlock a world of possibilities

Join the Thriving Achroma Community:

Head over to our Discord server and become part of a vibrant community! Here you'll find:

  • Official Support: The Realm Runner Studios team stands ready to answer your questions, share exciting announcements, and solicit your valuable feedback.
  • Sneak Peeks: Get a glimpse into upcoming releases and concepts, fueling your anticipation for the future of Achroma.
  • Fan Zone: Engage with fellow Achroma players and fans. Share gameplay and deckbuilding tips, create and showcase fan art and videos, organize online matches, and forge lasting friendships within the Five Realms.

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