Realm Runners are a new and exciting type of Character card coming to Achroma very soon. They’re guaranteed to shake things up in the Five Realms and in our games of Achroma.

These extraordinary individuals have unique abilities, not least being able to travel between realms without the use of a Realm Portal. Naturally, this makes them extremely powerful and their assistance is highly sought-after. In-game, this is represented by the absence of a realm symbol on their Achroma card because… Realm Runners can be included in any palette, regardless of faction or realm. Sure, some Realm Runners are more at home with certain factions or synergise with particular creatures and card types, but anyone can include these realm-hopping adventurers.  

Realm Runners come in all shapes, ages and sizes (like Yana shown above). While some Realm Runners lend their skills to those in need and fight the good fight, others have more nefarious intentions or are just out for themselves.

Keep your eyes peeled. Our first Realm Runner will be starting their adventures in the Five Realms this week.

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