Welcome Realm Runners! Here is some mid-week news for you that just couldn’t wait until our weekly news stream over on YouTube:

The battle for the fate of Curdle Hill is finished!


With a long 4 week fight of Chroma vs Achrom coming to an end, I can confirm that Chroma came out victorious!

Well done to all those that fought hard for either side. What you can expect next will come in a few weeks time, where we will release a short story to outline what the final fate of Curdle Hill was.

On top of that, over the next few weeks leading up to the release of the next Chronicle, ‘The Conjuring of Curdle Cove’, the community will start to find out how the results of Curdle Hill is effecting Curdle Cove…

We’ve launched a podcast!

To try and make our news streams more accessible to everyone, we are taking the audio from our weekly news streams on YouTube and posting it as ‘The Achroma-Cast’ onto audio streaming services as a easy listening podcast.


So now you can get your weekly Achroma news and hot topic discussions in the community on your drive to work, whilst tidying the house, or any other place you can listen!



Lastly, we want to make the community aware of our ‘Fan-made Content Policy’ that is now live on our website.
We are incredibly humbled that with our game growing by the day, the amount of content creators that wish to create content online for Achroma is also growing fast. We have people streaming games, creating YouTube videos, writing articles, recording podcasts, and an abundance of fan-made alt-arts & custom cards being shared on our socials. We want to be clear, by releasing a content policy our aim is not to discourage or restrict your creativity and drive to enjoy Achroma how you want. We simply recognise the need for a content policy so that has our creative community grows, we can ensure that all intellectual property owned by Realm Runner Studios Ltd is used correctly.

You can find the policy under the heading Resources or clicking here. If you have any questions about the policy and the content you wish to create, don’t hesitate to speak to one of the team.

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