That’s it folks! The Achroma Kickstarter has officially finished. With 165 backers raising a total of £32,614 we absolutely ‘Samr smashed’ our initial goal of £9500. This is a massive step forward for us as this allows us to now go ahead and produce these amazing products detailed from the Kickstarter. So thank you to each and everyone of you that pledged, shared or assisted us in any other way to raise this incredible amount. With the Kickstarter being over, this transitions us into the next step which for us is to reach out and gather surveys from all the backers. This allows us to gather all the information required regarding which options you, the backer, wish for your pledge. These Surveys have been sent via email (Both via Kickstarter, and our Pledge manager Chris Hillman), which emails you should have received very much depends on what your pledge detailed. Please read the following carefully to see which emails you should have received.
You should have received email 1 (From Kickstarter) if you:
Pledged any tier higher than the ‘add-on’ pledge. (E.g. Achroma Palette Pledge)[Note: This survey will be completed via the Kickstarter website, it will have choices for you based on which pledge tier you had + a choice of which colour draw string bag you want from the stretch goals]
You should have received email 2 (From Chris Hillman) if you added any of the following add-ons to your pledge:
  • Vault X Deck Boxes
  • Playmats
  • Posters
  • Achroma Hoodie
  • Achroma T-Shirt
  • Achroma Beanie
  • Achroma Phone Case
  • Achroma Palette
Achroma Expansion box[Note: This survey will be an email from Chris where he will detail the options you personally have. All you have to do is reply by answering all of his questions]


We will now be working hard to place orders with the suppliers so that we can get your products created asap. Once we have your Kickstarter ( items, we’ll ship them right out too you. However, please keep in mind that due to the sheer number of different types of products we had on offer, not all products will be created at the same time and some need time for us to finish and perfect before creating and sending them out. During this time, we understand your excitement to get your hands on these amazing products, believe us, we cannot wait either! We want to be as transparent with the community as possible as to when we reasonably believe we can expect to get these products into your hands. So below is a list is our guideline for when you can expect each item. We cannot stress enough that this is a rough guideline, a target if you will. We cannot promise you these will be the exact timeframes. Some products may get to you sooner, but some may even take longer. What you can be sure of those is you will get everything you pledged for, and we aim for every product to be perfect when it arrives. When can you expect your items? <4 weeks:
Early access to the Achroma Adventure Game

4-8 Weeks:

  • All unlimited edition cards
  • Rise of the Realm Runner expansions
  • Alt art cards (Another Article coming soon detailing more on these)
  • Kickstarter Promo card
  • Achroma Roleplaying game - Alpha PDF
  • All Merch items
  • Drawstring bag
  • Posters
  • Metal pin badges

2-4 Months:

  • TTRPG Dice set
  • Achroma Roleplaying game - Beta PDF
  • Playmats
  • Vault X Boxes
  • Vault X Binder
  • Vault X Sleeves

6+ Months:

Achroma Roleplaying game - Hardcover Core book
[Note 1: All items can be collected via the Achroma Store in Poole. Please specify on your surveys if you wish to do this]
[Note 2: Deliveries of your items will be bundled together based on their bracket]



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