Pre-order Dexter's Dragon Riders Two Player Starter Set Now

Pre-order Dexter's Dragon Riders Two Player Starter Set Now

Dexter's Dragon Riders is a brand new two player starter set for Achroma.


Deep in the snow of Altari lies The Dragon Rider school of Casanda. It’s here that gifted youths learn to fly and connect with mighty Dragons in the hopes of becoming just like their hero, Dexter, Master of Dragons.
But some rebellious pupils have taken a darker path, siding with Achrom and choosing to ride sinister Drakes instead. These two groups clash in the skies over Casanda, training for the larger battle between Achrom and Chroma.
Set in the Dragon Rider School of Casanda, where the Dragon Riders of Altari and the Drake Rider Rebellion battle to control the skies, this box set of 60 Achroma cards is designed with new card gamers and younger players in mind.
It's still the same, great game of Achroma Canvas and beautifully illustrated Achroma cards that are compatible with the rest of your collection, but the cards here have been designed from the ground up as being a little lighter on complex rules and keyword interactions.


As well as being a standalone game out of the box for two players, these Achroma cards are compatible with all other Achroma releases, feature the Draco Planum Realm Symbol and introduce the new Keyword MOUNT. MOUNT will see your DragonRiders leaping on the backs of Dragons and Drakes and taking to the skies. More on that keyword soon...
Inside each box, you'll find: 1x Quick Start Rules – A fold-out booklet to get you playing Achroma as quickly as possible. 60x Unlimited Edition Achroma cards (30 unique cards) organised into 2x Palettes as follows: The Dragon Riders of Altari 30-card Chroma Palette for new players. The Drake Rider Rebellion 30-card Achrom Palette for new players.
All cards in Dexter's Dragon Rider's feature the Draco Planum Realm Symbol, so they'll be right at home in your custom Palettes including cards from The Siege of Draco Temple, The Last Snow Dragons of Altari and of course, the hero himself, Dexter Master of Dragons!

Pre-orders are live now and include a discount. Dexter's Dragon Riders starts shipping 12/12/23, so pre-orders should be with you (and in Christmas stockings) before the big day.

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