We are pleased to announce that the pre-orders are now live for the ‘Rise of the Realm Runner’ expansion boxes, as well as our Chapter 1 Achroma Palettes!

It's fantastic news if you missed our Kickstarter, want to guarantee your First Edition copy of the new expansion, or you're after cards from the now-sold-out Curse of Curdle Hill or Siege of Draco Temple!


‘Rise of the Realm Runners’ Expansion boxes

There are 8 expansion boxes (2 per realm) each containing 50 set individual cards (Not random). Each box Contains a Realm Runner, Realm Relics, a Realm Rune or Rift, plus new Objects & Actions for that realm. These are a fantastic way to add new ways to play with your current Chapter 1 cards by building new and creative Palettes to play with. If you pre-order the full set containing all 8 new boxes, you will get the First Edition copies so for collectors out there, don’t miss out!

Chapter 1 Achroma Palettes

Looking to start your journey into Achroma? Need the perfect gift for a friend who wants to get into it? Or maybe you just need a boost of cards for your Palette building? Whatever the circumstance, these Achroma Palettes will help! There is 1 Achroma Palette per Faction from Chapter 1, which is 12 in total. Each Achroma Palette contains 40 cards, which is the exact cards you need to create either Faction Achroma Canvas Palette, or 1 Achroma Heroes Palette. If you are interested in First Edition cards for Warriors of Wishwell or Fall of Flutterby, we still have a handful of these left which you can purchase here. However for Curse of Curdle Hill and Siege of Draco Temple, these Palettes are now the best way to get your hands on these Chronicles and start playing!


The ETA for shipping any pre-orders is currently the 28th of April Any questions? Ask below!

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