Product Highlight: Achroma X Marco D Blanco Limited Edition Sorrono Poster

Product Highlight: Achroma X Marco D Blanco Limited Edition Sorrono Poster

Hi all, Troy here to provide a bit of backstory and bring light to our recently released product in collaboration with artist Marco D Blanco!

How did we come to create this product?

A while back our artist Marco D Blanco decided he wanted to create some fan-art of Achroma after a little while being away from the community. Naturally, Marco took to the Achroma Discord to see which character he should draw and with the help of the Discord community he settled on none other than Sorrono, the first mechanical Pixie!

Having decided on the Character that was going to be in the spotlight, Marco began constructing the wonderful piece of art you see at the top of this article. I remember him coming to visit the team at 5 Realms gaming lounge one day and he showed us all the artwork for the first time, I was beyond impressed. Marco went on to explain that he had originally intended for this to be a piece of fan-art but thought it was too awesome just to remain as fan-art forever!

We decided to blow it up into a full size poster and release it as a one-of-a-kind limited edition product. This incredibly detailed artwork printed on quality paper with a lustre finish stands out in any room. The perfect addition to your home studio, living room or bedroom.

About this Limited edition poster:

These are Limited Edition with a production run of only 50 posters, numbered 1-50 with posters 1-25 being signed by Marco D Blanco himself.

This product will not be reprinted in this form.

They come in a custom size and a premium lustre finish, produced from a local manufacturer.

For more information and to purchase this beautiful piece of art, visit this link:

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