Achroma at it’s core is an evolving game; things can change. We also take pride in listening to our community, and we’ve heard you. When we released the Heroes format as a new way to use your Achroma cards to play, the idea was to give the players more freedom to create powerful Palettes with less limitations, causing incredibly chaotic battles.

However, what this caused was an issue, whereby to create the ideal Heroes Palette, players would ideally need 2 copies of certain legendaries to build into their Heroes Palette; but with just 1 copy of each legendary in a full collection set it put players in a tough situation. Either a player had to spend £24 to net 2 more legendaries (rising to £72 if they wanted 6 more legendarys) OR build a Heroes Palette without the full strength of multiple copies of legendarys, and struggle vs a player who did.

There was discussion and requests from the community for us to find a way to produce and sell individual legendary cards, or even smaller packs, but this unfortunately is not easily doable due to printing costs, plus if we print too many legendaries, then it doesn’t really make them that legendary right?! So instead we have moved the rules around for Achroma Heroes format, which solves this issue and allows you to go away and build the strongest Heroes Palettes without needing to purchase any duplicate boxes

…here is what we changed:

When building your Palette, instead of: ‘Unlimited legendarys (Max 2 copies of each)’ it is now changed to: ‘Unlimited legendarys (Max 1 copy of each)’



This change means that even with just a few Achroma Palettes, you can create a very strong Heroes Palette, without the need to over spend just to gain the advantage of duplicate legendarys. We hope this change means players will feel more inspired to have a go at creating a Heroes Palettes and enjoy the chaos that ensues!

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