Season 1 of the Achroma universe is just round the corner, so I’m here today to explain to all you Realm Runners what you can expect from the next three months. This will also give you a rough guide to what you can expect for following seasons, as they will follow the same pattern.


An Achroma season lasts three months and will be themed around one of the Five Realms. Our first season, Salum Spring, runs from 1st April 2023 - 30th June 2023 and will be focusing on Salum Planum. During this three month period you can expect three main events:
Narrative Event - This will always be the first event of each season. Focusing on the previous Chapter for that Realm, this event will be a way for the community to play various game modes in Achroma, fighting for either Chroma or Achrom, to contribute to a global Achrometer. There will be a launch day event at our store down in Poole, Dorset, as well as some of our stockists around the country. The result of this will seal the fate of that story and forever shape the future Chapters for that Realm, and possibly others.
New Chronicle Release - Following the narrative event, we will release a new Chronicle for the Realm. Containing 60 new Achroma cards across six palettes, just like our previous releases. These will be available in limited First Edition prints whilst initial stocks last. There will also be a collectors box and a promo card similar to other releases.
Grand Tournament - The final event for each season will likely take place in the third month and will be a grand tournament. This will take place at our official store in Poole, Dorset. Our tournaments are ticket entry, Swiss style format with large prizes for the top placers based on turn out! 
Now you have an understanding of the timeline each season will follow, let’s take a deeper look into the first event for the Salum Spring season starting April 1st. (And we promise, this is not an April fools!)
(April 1st - April 30th)
“Tensions run high at Curdle Hill. The Achrom cloud looms above as fractures, tears and rifts appear in the area bringing travellers from other realms. Chaos erupts as disparate groups form unlikely alliances and battle one another for the fate of Curdle Hill.”


The “Battle for the fate of Curdle Hill” fundamentally a climactic battle between Chroma and Achrom to seal the fate of what happens at the end of the Curdle Hill Chronicle. It is our way of turning the page, finishing a Chapter if you will, before moving onto Chapter 2 for this realm. The event will not only close off the lore of Curdle Hill, but will also affect how Chapter 2 begins.
The Achroma community will be encouraged to pick a side (Chroma or Achrom) and play games of Achroma Canvas, Heroes, and Adventure and try to get wins for their side. The side that has the highest wins at the end of the four week event will succeed!


On April 1st between 11:00-18:00 we have a special event happening at our official Achroma store in Poole, Dorset, as well as our friends over at Boards and Swords Hobbies in Derby.
At this launch event, players will get a chance to play games of Achroma Canvas using our special Event Palettes that will evolve the gameplay to new levels of chaos and adventure, whilst adding more lore to what is happening in Curdle Hill! In these special Event Palettes there will be large event cards, different to the cards you’ve seen before. At the start of each round (a round is where every player completes a full turn) you will turn over the top card of the shuffled Event Palette which will reveal cards that will either have immediate effects on all players, like “Erase all Locations”, OR round lasting effects like “This round, all Gain effects are doubled, all Drain and Steal effects are halved (rounding down).
We’ll also have our Curdle Cube available to play with. Its pre-constructed draft format sees all six players drawing cards to create their Palettes. It’s chaotic and very fun.
Everyone who attends will walk away with a limited edition Salum Spring seasonal promo card!


Anyone who has an Achroma account and Achroma cards can take part in the main four week event, regardless of if you have Curdle Hill cards or not. You can play games just like you usually do, but they will count towards the Global Achrometer, so long as the games you play are using the ranked option on the app (otherwise we cannot track them).


As for the in-store launch event, all are welcome, as are all ages and levels of experience at Achroma. Turn up, grab a seat and jump into some games. Come chat with the Achroma team if you have any questions.
Best part? It’s absolutely free to enter!


There will be a global Achrometer that you can view online to be able to keep track LIVE as to which side is winning. Once the four week event is over however, whichever side had the most wins, wins! This will effect a few things:
New short story - It will close off the lore for The Curse of Curdle Hill. We’ll release a short story to describe what happens to following this event.
Evolving the next release - The Chapter 2 cards for Salum Planum have a small number of ‘slots’ in the 60 cards that will be directly affected by the result. So yes, these cards that get released for Chapter 2 will be influenced by the result of YOUR games!


After the “Battle for Curdle Hill” narrative event is over, we will be looking towards the next major event of this season which will be the release of the Chapter 2 Chronicle for Salum Planum. But we’ll save details about that for later this month… …As for now, you must get your Palettes ready, pick a side and prepare to fight for Chroma or Achrom to seal the fate of Curdle Hill forever…


…Who will you fight for?



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