It’s official Realm Runners, the Salum Spring Season has started, and the battle for Curdle Hill has erupted into a battle of Chroma vs Achrom to seal the fate of the town and forever change the Realm it calls home.

This Season is starting with an exciting 4 week event as detailed in our previous articles where players will play games of Achroma Canvas, Heroes and more to be able to gain wins for Chroma, or steal/drain victories for Achrom. The end result will give us a final closure update to the story of Curdle hill, as well as setting up the Chapter 2 release in the following month.

The Season was launched yesterday during our ‘Battle for the fate of Curdle Hill’ event which happened at our official store down in Poole, Dorset as well as one of our stockists ‘Boards and Swords Hobbies’ (B.A.S.H) in Derby.

Community members joined us in-store to play games of Achroma to kick off this battle, and to make it a little more interesting we provided ‘Event Palettes’ on every table. These event Palettes were a series of ‘Events’ that contained descriptive lore events happening live in Curdle hill, as well as a game changing ability that would occur for that round. Each round players would turn over the top card of the event Palette, read the lore and then action the ability before taking their turns.


These event Palettes were a fantastic way to change how you play the game. Every person I spoke to said how much they enjoyed the unpredictable nature of the events, that could often cause a struggling player to suddenly bounce back and win.



At the Poole store specifically, we also had a ‘Curdle Cube’ format running. Up to 6 players would build a Palette by opening pre-made booster packs (Each containing 10 random cards from a full Chronicle of Curdle Hill) and take turns to pick one of 10 cards available to them and then pass the packs to the next player. Once this had been done multiple times, players were left with a 30 card Palette which was picked by them, but was at the mercy of luck. They would then play a standard 6 player game of Achroma Canvas.


Multiple rounds of the Cube were played over the course of the day, of which the players all came away saying how much they enjoyed the format. Players commented how much fun it was to almost be forced to play cards and combos you wouldn’t normally choose, yet see them pay off. We all agreed that this format works best when you have 6 players as well as a few hours to play and critically, reset!




In the last few hours in Poole, we even had a bit of a mini-event whereby we took 7 Chroma players and 7 Achrom players, and ran a ‘Hot-seat Knock-out’; the rules were simple. 4 Chroma players went against 4 Achrom players in 1v1 match ups simultaneously, when someone lost, one of the 3 remaining players for that team would sit down and face the previous winner, essentially knocking each other out until only 1 side had players remaining.
It was off the cuff and ran just for fun, but the end result was Achrom stole the day and won the honorary victory for the day at Poole!


Don’t forget you can view the live Global Achrometer to see the current amount of Chroma/Achrom wins for the season, of which following our launch event, Chroma has taken an early victory at 105 (Chroma) to 90 (Achrom). But we still have the rest of the month to see how it changes, so get your Palettes ready, pick your side, and fight for Curdle Hill!


Overall it was a fantastic launch event to kick of the Season. Thank you to everyone that attended either of the stores and brought the Curdle Hill battle to life.

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